Coffix, Please Sponsor Me!

Whirlwind. That is exactly how I would describe my so far time in Mechatronics. It’s been full of trials, errors and a lot of coffee. Amounts of coffix and fabulicious sherbets I’d never seen before.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jaynie and I’m basically always on the verge of a heart attack – whether it be through sugar or coffee, and I’m in Part II Mechatronics. You’ll see me mention coffix a lot. I don’t even like coffee but Part II has been so full on, it’s basically water to me at this point. The most important fact about me is that I have two miniature schnauzers that eat all my food and are the most incredible distraction to my $8000/year education. I’m also not very cool, pretty candid and creo-handicapped. I’m looking forward to semester two! Hoping to reduce my caffeine reliance and fingers-crossed, maybe even get an A- in something (literally anything will do idm).


My dogs. Because who doesn’t like looking at dogs?