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Welcome back to another post of “why did I choose EngSci.”

Now, this isn’t a second-semester review because I want to make the next one really detailed. Although, this does give me a chance to write a little about what we, as EngSci’s, do outside of the lecture theatre, leech and 70 (the EngSci building).

Rafting! Just one of the activities from our trip

Annual Part II Trip

You may have heard about the infamous Department of Engineering Science trip. Only a few weeks in and I was heading to Rotarua. The primary purpose of this trip was to explore where our degree could possibly take us and most importantly, get to know our incredible cohort.

This trip was nothing short of awesome. I will admit I was a little sceptical walking into EngSci; I had no idea where I’d end up after leaving university. The trip did provide some insight into that by taking us out to various companies that employ EngSci grads.

Engineering Science Sport

That’s right, we’re not just mathletes. Each semester, the Department of Engineering Science holds a sports competition. Of course, this is just social, but it’s also a great opportunity to forget the stresses of uni. The year’s selected sports were netball and futsal respectively for each semester.

While most faculties have these, or similar competitions, in EngSci’s case, you can count on the game to be entirely social and fun. Due to our cohort size, every player that comes along is bound to be a familiar face.

“The DempSea” David was not impressed.

Department Bake off

Baking too? I know what you’re thinking, “wow friends, sports and good in the kitchen! These guys have the whole package.” Well, you’d be almost correct, we are also reasonably skilled at integration too.

Every year, the Department organises a baking competition. Again, just another way to change pace after a long day debugging.

This year’s theme was “Please Don’t Feed the Animals!” Now, I’m not much of a baker, but I was running out of TV series to procrastinate with, and this was an excellent opportunity to delay more work, so I decided to jump in with the cake on the left.


Other Events Worth a Mention

So far this year, we’ve had a couple of BBQs and a pizza & ice cream(!!!) event. Everyone in the department is super friendly; from your peers to the lecturers. All these events provide a valuable opportunity to have a chat with them and learn a little more about what they do.


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