Backstory and Intro – Why did I choose Civil?

Welcome to my blog!

I’m Alex, currently in my second year specialised in Civil Engineering. It feels like just yesterday where I was in your shoes completing Part I.

My academic journey began at Rosmini College on the North Shore where in Year 13, I discovered my passion for technology and Earth & Space science, which set me on the path of becoming a future Civil Engineer. Interestingly, I contemplated dropping out to become a plumber in high school, but life had other plans for me, guiding me to the position I am now. During Part I, I worked at Placemakers part-time during study learning all the types of materials while selling them and then later for a company which helped me understand how to implement the use of these construction materials.

Using an electric mini forklift lifting plywood at Placemakers
On break at a retirement village my team worked on.

So, how did I stumble upon Civil engineering? Let me take you back to the early days:

Construction has been woven into my life since childhood, from building intricate Lego structures as a kid to hustling tradie jobs during High School. Witnessing Civil and Structural engineers in action when working onsite left an impression on my teenage mind. Being fascinated with the industry. It was then that I decided to dive deeper into the Civil Engineering program recognising how challenging, fun and interesting this career path could be.

My journey in the construction industry commenced with a diverse range of jobs and projects. From multistory high-end luxury buildings to retirement villages and schools, each experience contributed to my growth as a future engineer. As I continued exploring the field, I eagerly took on various tasks, including ripping out old Vinyl flooring, chipping away into dense sandstone for deck foundations, assisting with interior Gib installation, and performing general labour on-site. Although these jobs may seem dirty, they helped me personally gain skills such as problem analysis, good work ethic and help form connections with companies onsite.

One aspect that sets Civil Engineering apart from the other specialisations is its profound impact on society. Each project we undertake is not merely a structure; it is a testament to our commitment to creating a sustainable and thriving future. From designing efficient transportation systems to implementing eco-friendly construction practices, Civil Engineers play a vital role in shaping a better world.

The Civil Engineering program has many disciplines keeping your options in the industry wide, these consist of:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Water Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Structural Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering

Overall, these blogs aim was to give you a bit of background about me, and show you the importance of hands on experience. Hopefully some of you can relate to what pushes their interest in Civil/Structural, but remember, we are all different.

In this blog series, I aspire to share valuable insights, advice, and personal experiences that will inspire and inform aspiring engineers like you.

Join me on the next blog explaining Part II semester 1 which includes some tips, and an insight on Semester 1 of Part II!

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