INTERNSHIPS !! (aka pls hire me I analyse data)

So yeah, internships are hard to get. I think it is fairly obvious but there’s like hundreds/thousands of us trying to get a job, and there’s only so many spots. But yes, luckily I can say that I’ve found one (yayyyyyyyy!!!) after a long search. I’ll just talk through my year of internship hunting- have to say that it is sometimes just a cycle of pain, and all you can do is keep going till it all works out

In February, I admittedly was scrolling through tiktok and came across a video that basically told me to do a manifestation list on 22.2.22 of all the things I wanted this year. It sounds really stupid but like at the time I was kind of getting #worriedandscared that I wouldn’t have enough skills or knowledge to get an internship, and I had nothing to lose by writing a list in my notes app. I don’t really remember what else i put on the list cause the tiktok said to lock it immediately, but I remember that I wrote ‘find an internship’ LOL and I mean it worked? So I guess there’s my first bit of advice to you- MANIFEST IT 💯💫 🌟

I started off lowkey an introvert this year, but I realised that if I want a job I should probably do extrovert cosplay and get out there- so I started going to networking events and getting linked in connections and now I think i somehow brainwashed myself into being an extrovert? While networking isn’t really necessary, I do think that it helps a lot in terms of meeting new people and getting used to talking about yourself, your skills, what you study (but also just getting used to talking to people in general). I will say that I think going to these events and meeting people really helped with interviewing and applications, because I did get a lot of advice from people I met at these events and it all really helped with landing a job. Also, I reckon it’s true that networks can get you to where you want to be- I’ve heard of a few people that got their internships through networking/connections, which lowkey feels like nepo baby vibes but at the same time they wouldn’t get it if they weren’t the right fit for it, so that just means they’re super swag!! There’s my second bit of advice- get out there and start chatting people up (in a nice and normal way ok)

Did a lot of applications in the first half of the year, got through to lots of video interviews and very few in person interviews, got rejected from a looooooot of places- definitely killed my soul the first few times, but after a while i just got used to it. Everything happens for a reason, so don’t feel bad!!! But yes I think I was starting to lose faith in my manifestation at this point- but I know now to never doubt the universe #slay. Basically, I applied for the ARG program (analytics and research in government) because my BESA mentor told us it was good, and got through to video interviews, then was shortlisted for the Ministry of Social Development and did a teams interview with managers from 2 different departments. Then I got through to reference checks, and then swag! Was offered a role in the modelling and systems analytics team in MSD, and I was so so happy and I still am, I’m super excited to start and everyone is so nice!!! In the end everything worked out amazing, so all I can say is don’t give up 😎

I think it is for sure really scary at first to put yourself out there, and you might doubt your skills, but a bit of advice I got was that everyone starts out somewhere- they don’t expect you to know anything and everything, they just want someone who is willing to learn and can be a good fit for their team. Just be yourself in your applications, do a bit of research on the company before going into interviews, and just don’t let rejections get to you. Also, don’t be afraid to apply outside of Auckland- always nice to get away for the summer! Good luck for internship searching, wishing you all the best !! 🙂


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