Month: November 2022


What a year it has been. Eight courses and a handful of exams later, I am now only one result away from being able to tick this year off. As I cast my eyes across the last two semesters that are all but behind me, with a mixture of relief and contentment (thankfully without contempt)…Continue Reading Goodby-EEE

Semester 2 done and dusted!

Semester 2 has finally come to an end! Fair warning, it goes extremely fast, everyone I’ve talked to thought so as well. Maybe its just us getting older and time going faster but be prepared to be utterly confused as to how you are already a month into the semester. Anyways, this post is going…Continue Reading Semester 2 done and dusted!

engsci s2 recap #vibes?

My sincerest apologies for being MIA over the past couple of months. All I can really say is I was goin thru it ! As in like crying in the architecture toilets .. crying in the kate edgar toilets .. u name it I’ve cried there probably #mentalbreakdowns and can’t lie, this semester was the…Continue Reading engsci s2 recap #vibes?

Expectations of BME

You’ve heard enough about sem 1 courses. You’ve heard enough about sem 2 courses. You’ve heard enough about internships. So, what have you not heard enough about yet? There are a few things to know before choosing this specialisation so you are not completely surprised next year, should you take it. Medicine. In second year,…Continue Reading Expectations of BME