Electromagnetic In(tro)duction

Welcome! I’m Brian, and I’ll be your Electrical blogger this year.

I have been described by my COMPSYS201 lecturer as “making things rather worse,” and I can only hope to carry over this same positive work ethic and dedication as I enter the blog team this year.

Outside of my degree, I’m usually chasing deadlines at Craccum Magazine, where we pretend to be a potent journalistic force while really we just make tragic jokes and try not to get censored.

Now you’re probably questioning how good my blogs are going to be this year. Well, to ease your mind, I just thought I’d present some testimonials from some of my good friends:

  • “I’m sorry, I didn’t really find any of the jokes funny” – Vanessa Chong, Mechatronics Blogger 2019
  • “You’re as funny as a brick” – Rish Kumar, 2019
  • “I mean it wasn’t awful but not ideal” – Tessa Gush, 2019.

Seriously though, if you have any questions, you’re welcome to reach me on Facebook (Brian Gu), and if your dad’s company is hiring for electrical interns, drop me a line. Please.