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‘What is Engineering Science?’ and other questions I ask myself in Electrical.

[Before we start, you’ve probably realised that I’m terrible at giving in-depth summaries of course content. Last year’s blogger Chantelle covers this semester’s content in good detail, all of which has barely changed over the previous year.] “If these past few weeks have reassured us electrical engineers of anything, it’s that we’re by no means…Continue Reading ‘What is Engineering Science?’ and other questions I ask myself in Electrical.

Electromagnetic In(tro)duction

Welcome! I’m Brian, and I’ll be your Electrical blogger this year. I have been described by my COMPSYS201 lecturer as “making things rather worse,” and I can only hope to carry over this same positive work ethic and dedication as I enter the blog team this year. Outside of my degree, I’m usually chasing deadlines…Continue Reading Electromagnetic In(tro)duction

Why Electrical?

After a nice break from the previous year’s grind, it was time to get back to learning. I was indeed excited – I had already completed one year of my degree and made it through! I was on my way to reaching my goal. Since the second semester of the year before, I knew I…Continue Reading Why Electrical?

Breadboards & Multi-Metres

12:00 pm, 7th of March 2017: At this exact time, I was sitting somewhere in the middle of the Conference Centre lecture room waiting for my first Electrical Engineering paper (ELECTENG 202). I couldn’t believe how fast the time went by and I’m finally a Part II student doing a specialisation that students describe as…Continue Reading Breadboards & Multi-Metres