Hey friends! My name is Rachel and welcome to my blog, where for the next twelve weeks I will be giving you all the inside info and tips for studying Chemical and Materials engineering!

As I’m sure you would all know yourselves, engineering students struggle to find a lot of spare time. But when I do, I love to exercise, do some baking, and go hunting for the best food/cafes in town!

So why did I choose Chemmat? I always enjoyed the sciences and maths at school, but discovered in first year that I wasn’t crazy about the whole mechanics/electrical side of engineering.

ENGGEN 140 is definitely the foundation for chemical/process engineering, so enjoying that course is a must, as well as CHEMMAT 121, but that course is not as predominant (in second-year anyway) as you would think.

Feel free to message me any time if you have questions about anything Chemmat, and I hope myself and the other bloggers can help you decide which specialisation is right for you! 💜

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