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BME – Tiny But Mighty!

Heya friends! I’m Ashley Jubelag, your Biomedical Engineering Blogger for 2023! ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡ Over the next few months, I’ll be giving my honest perspectives on BME (and why I (still) love it so much!) If you’re hardcore on BME, or even if you’re just looking – stick around, and hopefully, these blogs will help guide you…Continue Reading BME – Tiny But Mighty!

Part II BME Part II

It’s been 8 weeks since the start of Semester Two and what a tumultuous 8 weeks they’ve been. On the first Monday back after mid-semester break, we had what I considered to be the hardest multi-choice question test I’ve ever taken. In high school, I thought ‘hardest’ and ‘multi-choice’ were words that would never go…Continue Reading Part II BME Part II

Where did all that time go? – A journey through the first semester of Biomedical Engineering

It all seemed so sudden. One day I’m buying my coursebooks to start a fresh, new year as a biomedical engineering (BME) student and the next day I’m taking the bus home after my last exam of first semester. That’s 4 entire months. Gone like the cash in my account when course fees attack. Not…Continue Reading Where did all that time go? – A journey through the first semester of Biomedical Engineering

Giving It My All

Hello! My name is Nicholas and I’m originally from India, but I’ve been stuck in the New Zealand education system for 13 years, so I decided to give it my all for the last 5 and do an Engineering/Science conjoint, specialising in Biomedical Engineering (BME) and majoring in Physics. There are 3 things that have…Continue Reading Giving It My All

Already in the Deep End

If I had written my first post within my first few weeks of being in BME, it probably would have sounded a little more optimistic, but instead, I’m writing this while taking a break from the five assignments (that is no joke) I’m currently working on that are all due at the start of next…Continue Reading Already in the Deep End