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2022: A Civil Odyssey

Civil or not to civil? That was the question I’ve been asking myself for the good part of the last several years. On one hand, I had anticipated it to be a long and difficult road filled with stress and challenges. On the other hand, I am more frightened by the thoughts of regret than…Continue Reading 2022: A Civil Odyssey

Summer is here!

After yonks of online learning, Semester 2 is over! No more awkward zoom calls or online lectures that suddenly become twice as long when you reach the lecturer’s favourite topic. Well, maybe we’ll be treated to some more online learning next year. Congratulations on finishing exams; I hope they went well for you all! The…Continue Reading Summer is here!

But what is civil engineering?

Everyone’s heard of civil engineering: its a career that often becomes the butt of jokes like this one: But what exactly is civil engineering? And surely it doesn’t involve any writing… right? (wrong!) So here it is, a (hopefully) accurate breakdown of the major sub-disciplines of civil engineering. Geotechnical When most people hear civil, they…Continue Reading But what is civil engineering?

Here we are again…

Well, here we are again – another lockdown, another round of online learning.   But before I launch into stories about silent zoom sessions and lectures that are suddenly 1.5 times as long, I want to jump back to the start of Semester 2. Online learning hopefully won’t be a recurring theme in the future,…Continue Reading Here we are again…

Sem 1 – Part II

This post follows on from the last – a retrospective look at the rest of Semester 1.   Life as a student gives you a lot of freedom, but sometimes it can swallow up your time, like a tea towel into a vacuum cleaner.   After the second weekend in a row spent on structural…Continue Reading Sem 1 – Part II

A Civil beginning

Welcome to Auckland. We’re going into lockdown.   That was the start of my first semester as a Civil engineering student. Two weeks of online learning. As the late-summer rains pattered against the windows of my new high-rise home, I plugged in my headphones, pulled up a single chair, and got stuck in.   Nonetheless,…Continue Reading A Civil beginning