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So, you’ve made it into Engineering! Congratulations. I’m sure you’re enjoying it immensely; what with the neverending assignments, deadlines, tests, and whatnot. The one thing you have to look forward to is the summer holidays, right? Surely it’ll be like high school again, hanging out with your mates and doing literally nothing for weeks. Nope….Continue Reading Internships

Here to Play Russian Roulette?

Engineering Science so far has been like riding a roller-coaster with no seatbelt, blind. Confused? Let’s review and use a scene from “The Office” as an analogy to further explore the idea. Here, Andy’s boss, Deangelo (me) is attempting to sell Andy (EngSci) as a paper salesman to a client, Boris (you, in this case,…Continue Reading Here to Play Russian Roulette?

I Wanna Be A Doctor

I cannot believe it’s already almost the mid-semester break. This brings about tests and stress (and also the Engineering Revue which you should all be going to watch). This semester has hit me a lot harder than the first one – the three Mech related courses are tough. All three are very content and concept…Continue Reading I Wanna Be A Doctor

Semester 1 Summary

Hi again everyone! How is it week 4 of sem 2 already? Kind of crazy how each week seems to fly by quicker than the last. I’ll definitely take it though if it means we are getting closer to a summer break. This new semester has already been quite the experience, with new classes and…Continue Reading Semester 1 Summary

Mainly 209

Three weeks have gone past so far into semester 2 and, as usual, the workload has already started to pile up. However, the cool thing about this workload in particular is that it’s all project work. We only have 1 exam to ‘look forward to’ this semester. But of course that just means that these…Continue Reading Mainly 209

Where did all that time go? – A journey through the first semester of Biomedical Engineering

It all seemed so sudden. One day I’m buying my coursebooks to start a fresh, new year as a biomedical engineering (BME) student and the next day I’m taking the bus home after my last exam of first semester. That’s 4 entire months. Gone like the cash in my account when course fees attack. Not…Continue Reading Where did all that time go? – A journey through the first semester of Biomedical Engineering

Alright Alright Alright

Alright, alright, alright. After my terribly vague EngSci intro, I thought I should follow with some super specific deets. That is, the Semester 1 review; highlighting BIOMENG 221, ENGSCI 233 and, of course, ENGSCI 211. Quick note: semester 2 so far has been in no way reflective of semester 1. BIOMENG 221: Mechanics of Engineered…Continue Reading Alright Alright Alright


I am back with my second post. Currently screaming and hoping time would STOP so that I could manage everything that is happening around me. I know that we are only like 3 weeks into the semester, but the workload is increasing exponentially. Okay, so this time let us go through the courses one by…Continue Reading Input