Why you should choose Civil/Structural!

Welcome back, folks! I hope you had a fantastic midsem break to recharge. Today, I’m here to discuss a compelling topic: Why choose Civil/Structural Engineering?

Ever dreamed of driving past a magnificent building you helped design and proudly pointing it out? Do you wish to unravel the mysteries of construction construction sites and really understand what is going on? Are you the type who’d rather be out in the field crafting inspiring structures than locked up in an office desk coding programs or fiddling with circuit boards?

Are you unsure of what to do and want to pick the most secure and high demanded spec?

If you aspire to design remarkable structures, build roads, dams, bridges, or create efficient water systems, then Civil/Structural Engineering is your calling! 

In this blog, I aim to persuade you why Civil/Structural Engineering is the way to go.

I understand engineers prefer to work with equations rather than words, so I’ll keep it concise and to the point for you 😉

Unleash Your Creativity

Civil Engineers are like artists in the engineering world. You’ll have the urban landscape as your canvas and materials, technology, and innovation as your tools. Whether it’s crafting iconic skyscrapers or designing aesthetically pleasing bridges, your creativity will flourish in this field.

A gardening box I built during the summer break
Embrace Challenges

If you enjoy tackling complex problems and finding innovative solutions, Civil Engineering is your ideal playground. You’ll face real-world challenges, from constructing earthquake-resistant structures to optimising traffic systems. Each challenge is an opportunity to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Leading in Sustainability

Civil Engineers play a pivotal role in green engineering. Creating sustainable infrastructure, and designing eco-friendly urban environments. Your work can contribute to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable planet.

Diverse Sub-specialisations

Civil Engineering offers a multitude of sub-specialisations to match your interests. Whether it’s structural engineering, transportation systems, water resources, or geotechnical challenges, you can find your niche. It’s like having your unique superpower within the field.

Teamwork for Success

Just like superheroes in a team, Civil Engineers collaborate with professionals like architects, urban planners, and environmental experts. Together, you’ll work to bring ambitious projects to life and create a better world.

Group-work in our environmental lab
Everyday Impact

Civil Engineering touches our lives every day. Whether you’re crossing the harbour bridge, turning on a tap, or driving on a well-designed road, you’re experiencing the positive impact of Civil Engineering. Your work will enhance the safety and convenience of people’s daily lives.

A World of Opportunities

Civil Engineering offers a global passport. Your skills can take you to the most developing cities, imagine working on the like in KSA?  Or remote villages in need of infrastructure for example mining is Aussie? Even disaster-stricken areas where your expertise can make a significant difference (Auckland after the floods). The world is your stage and you are currently considering a world class career path!

Mines across the ditch
Embrace the Future

Choosing Civil Engineering isn’t just a career choice; it’s an opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable and innovative future. Your creativity, problem-solving abilities, and dedication will shape a world that future generations will appreciate.

Great office to site ratio

If you are an outdoorsy person and are interested in working onsite, you can do that with contracting companies! Or if you would much rather keep your hi-vis clean you could jump into consulting with a few site visits here and there depending on what you do. 

Look if I still haven’t convinced you, that’s ok. Remember to follow your gut. If you enjoyed ENGGEN121 Statics and a bit of the materials section in CHEMMAT121 I’d defiantly recommend Civil/Structural!

Also since your exam season is right around the corner be sure to take breaks when studying!

Remember to get lots of sun this summer to make up for the countless days you spent inside working on projects and quizzes haha.


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