Michael under the Microscope πŸ‘€πŸ”¬

Hey, my name is Michael and I’m honoured to be the Part II Engineering Science blogger for 2019!

I was born in Auckland, raised in Dunedin (hence the moustache) and returned to the motherland to study after a gap year of deciding what to do post-high-school.

When my head’s not in the books*, I play cricket and hockey, I run and workout, I cook and sew, and I enjoy undertaking the odd creative artistic project here and there.

When I was grappling with my specialisation choice in first year, I read just about all the online resources I possibly could to help inform my decision (Which included trawling through literally all the second year Engineering blog posts).

Now that I can be a blogger myself, I hope I can produce insightful content for the lost and indecisive among us; choosing a specialisation is a dilemma I can empathise with.

If you ever want to ask me anything about second year or choosing a specialisation, my door is always open! Just flick me a message on Facebook, or even ask me in person if you can spot me on campus (fairly easy to do).

*Very seldom is it out of the books these days yeesh.

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