What’s a Social Life?

It has been exactly 10 weeks and Computer systems hasn’t let me down, not even once. The lecturers are extremely nice and amazing teachers. The two hour long lectures do tend to get tiring and it gets harder to concentrate but overall, it’s not too bad. This semester we have 3 two-hour long lectures, from which, two are electrical based (202 & 210) and one is compsys (201).

Compsys201 teaches us about the hardware/software interface, which include registers, processors and basic I/O. We have completed all of our 4 labs this week. Labs are fun and you get to meet other people from Electrical and software as they also do this paper and get to create stuff like this circuit on a breadboard.

Engsci211 is based off Engsci111 and is somewhat challenging. It is a maths paper and a little challenging (for me at least). We have learnt first and second order differential equations and Laplace transforms. There are tutorials every week which help understand the content better.

Electeng210 is about the applications of circuits and how they are used in daily life. So far, we have been taught about semiconductor devices such as diodes and BJTs and their applications.

Electeng202 provides a good understanding of the way electrical circuits work. We have covered DC analysis for now and there is more to come soon.

It has been a tedious journey up to now as it gets harder to balance academics with a social life (what’s a social life?) but if you work hard enough, for long enough, you get used to it. It has been amazing being in Computer systems, and I hope the computer systems life becomes more interesting as time passes. We have one more test left before we start prepping for the great battle of the semester.


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