Day: June 28, 2017

What’s a Social Life?

It has been exactly 10 weeks and Computer systems hasn’t let me down, not even once. The lecturers are extremely nice and amazing teachers. The two hour long lectures do tend to get tiring and it gets harder to concentrate but overall, it’s not too bad. This semester we have 3 two-hour long lectures, from…Continue Reading What’s a Social Life?

Why did I choose Software?

I think the first question I need to answer is:  why did I choose Software Engineering?  Firstly, let me make something very clear.  I had a very hard time trying to make up my mind when I was choosing my specialisation.  In fact, I never intended to do Software Engineering, so the story about how…Continue Reading Why did I choose Software?

Engineering Science is hard. But it’s hard for a reason

When you sign up for Engineering Science, you’re not signing up for a garden-variety degree. You’re stepping into a high-performance program. ‘Challenge’ doesn’t give this specialisation justice. EngSci will stress-test you and destroy your soul if you’re not on the ball. Everyone has a course that takes a sledgehammer to their stomach. While it might…Continue Reading Engineering Science is hard. But it’s hard for a reason