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Computer Systems: The End

Welcome to the final blog post! I have really enjoyed writing these blog posts, peeling back the layers of Computer Systems and revealing my beautiful cover photos. It has been a nice creative outlet over the last several months and maybe I’ll keep writing somehow… A brief update on the last half of Semester Two……Continue Reading Computer Systems: The End

This is how hundreds of engineering students are finding internships for FREE…

Internships… The only thing that anyone seems to be talking about at the moment. If you don’t know already, you are required to do 800 practical hours throughout your engineering degree. This is typically done in two sets of 400 hours over the summer between your second and third year and your third and fourth…Continue Reading This is how hundreds of engineering students are finding internships for FREE…

Computer Systems Semester 0b10

Welcome back to the Blogosphere! In this blog post, I’m going to give you some of my initial thoughts on this semester’s courses. For Computer Systems students, this includes three electives: ELECTENG 204, SOFTENG 283 and SOFTENG 284. I chose ELECTENG 204 as my elective, but don’t worry, I’ve brought a friend who can tell…Continue Reading Computer Systems Semester 0b10

Life = ComputerSystems;

Hi, I’m Angela, the Part II Computer Systems blogger for 2019! If you’re reading this with no clue about what computer systems engineering (CSE) is, you join the club of my parents, extended family, friends, and practically anyone who hasn’t done the degree (yes, I’ve had a lot of practice trying to explain to people…Continue Reading Life = ComputerSystems;

Beep Boop

If you’re interested in making things go beep and boop then you’re in the right place. Hi I’m Jonathan and I’m this years computer systems blogger. I chose computer systems because I’m the type of person that’s unable to stick with one thing. I have the attention span of a goldfish so having the ability…Continue Reading Beep Boop