Month: October 2021

Sem 2 Paper Run

As we approach exams, its time to start reviewing the content from this semester. Oooor watching Netflix while pretending to study. I have loved most of the content this semester, but revision is tedious. I thought while I was looking over all the content, I thought I’d give you a run down of the papers…Continue Reading Sem 2 Paper Run

Computer Systems: The End

Welcome to the final blog post! I have really enjoyed writing these blog posts, peeling back the layers of Computer Systems and revealing my beautiful cover photos. It has been a nice creative outlet over the last several months and maybe I’ll keep writing somehow… A brief update on the last half of Semester Two……Continue Reading Computer Systems: The End

My internship hunt experience

For a long time, I didn’t think I’d write with this post. My internship hunting experience had been months upon months of disappointment and rejection, and I didn’t feel in any place to impart wisdom. But, things are looking better now, and I swear this post isn’t me humble bragging about gaining an internship, but rather,…Continue Reading My internship hunt experience

T-Minus 2 Weeks Till Exams

Wow, how the semester has flown by in lockdown. I thought I’d do a little uni-life update with about 3ish weeks left of second year! Approaching the end of the uni year and can be a mix of excitement to be finished, thrilled to hang out with friend at the beach all day and many…Continue Reading T-Minus 2 Weeks Till Exams

software reviews: semester two

Wanna hear something crazy? There are 2-ish weeks left of Semester 2. TWO WEEKS. Hearing this definitely made me wonder where the rest of my semester has gone. I thought mid-sem break was just a week ago? Regardless, we’re more than halfway through semester two and I figured I have enough experience to make a…Continue Reading software reviews: semester two