Month: November 2017

Final Post For The Year

Hi everyone, I hope you have been reading and liking my posts here and I hope I was able to provide you with the average CompSys life. If you have been reading this that means you are thinking of applying into CompSys and I will provide you with a final summary and answer some common…Continue Reading Final Post For The Year

A Few Parting Gifts

The end of the year is here and with it my last post. It’s been rough and I know I’m waaaaayyyyyyy behind on my posts. Apart from exams for MECHENG 211, 222 and ENGSCI 311, the main event for Mechatronics near the end of this semester was the last assignment for MECHENG 270 which was…Continue Reading A Few Parting Gifts

Time to Decide?

Kia ora! So I hope that you have all been enjoying the posts I have been making this year and that I was able to give you a slight “appetizer” of the software life.  I hope that you also checked out the other blogger’s posts too because everyone has been contributing a lot of great…Continue Reading Time to Decide?