Tyler’s introduction

What up my volatile little vipers

Here’s all the important information about me:

  • Name: Tyler
  • Degree: BA/BE(Hons), specializing in Engineering Science and (potentially) Psychology/Sociology.
  • Birthplace: Palmerston North.
  • Spirit Animal: Tigger, the bouncy thing from Winnie the Pooh.
  • Favourite way to waste time: https://xkcd.com/
  • Memorable Engineering moment: Sending an email to one of our lecturers, Peng Du, with the greeting “Hello Penguins!” (cue embarassment
  • Celebrity crush: Kylie Minogue
  • Personality type: INTJ/ENTJ (I keep getting different results each time I take the test).

I chose EngSci because it’s the most versatile of the specializations. It is not a funnel into a career with any one firm. To me, it gives me many toolkits that I can deploy however I please. Because of this, EngSci covers a wide range of topics, including maths, computer programming, materials, operations research, and electronics. It’s the jack-of-all-trades specialization (oxymoronic, isn’t it?)

But what the hell is Engineering Science, I hear you cry? Experts are still out on this one. To me, Engineering Science is literally ‘engineering’ (i.e. solving technical problems) + ‘science’ (i.e. how the world works).

For now, enjoy your first year of engineering. Holla on your Facebook page for more pearls of wisdom from those who have walked where you are now. Yes, I know that you’re ‘anti-non-first-year’ on your Facebook page, but you’re not gonna cut out your older brothers and sisters out, are you?